Premium Powder Coated Build Plate

Easy to flex

ULTISTIK sheets are made out of high quality spring steel you can easily flex off your print if they do not already pop off during cooling. 


ULTISTIK sheets are made to last! Resistant to scratches and guaranteed to wear less than adhesives or other sheets. ULTISTIK sheets are double-sided for maximum productivity.

Unique texture

ULTISTIK sheets are powder coated with high quality ULTEM (PEI) resulting in light textured look that will be visible on your prints. 


ULTISTIK sheets can be used with any FDM 3D printer with a magnetic base. Magnetic base with adhesion can be purchased separately or as a kit together with the ULTISTIK sheet.

Different sizes

ULTISTIK sheets are produced in many sizes and other sizes can be custom made. Check with your distributor about availability of your desired size. 


ULTISTIK Sheets provide excellent adhesion for standard materials like PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU or composite materials.


ULTISTIK Magnet Base is a flexible magnetic sheet with adhesive backing that can withstand temperatures up to 140°C. Available in multiple sizes. 

Recommended Build Plate by WildRoseBuilds



Using on the Daedalus
“This is the one to get for the Daedalus 3D printer. I'm using it for all PLA projects, and the flex plate works perfectly. I'm not sure exactly how long the expected lifetime of a powder coated PEI textured surface is, but I have not seen any level of degradation 3 spools in. I will update when I learn exactly how long it will last. Thanks Ultistik and FilamentOne, this is a great flex plate”

— Daniel
Changed the bed adhesion game for me!
“I recently purchased an Ender 3 V2 and have been having constant bed adhesion issues with it. I tried everything but results were inconsistent. Enter the Ultistik. 30 Minute installation later and my first layer adhesion is absolutely PERFECT. I'll do a quick clean with IPA between prints (sometimes) and I've been able to just ignore first layer issues. It's been amazing and I'm tempted to pick one up for my Prusa as well.”

— Martin
Must have for all printers
“This is hands down the material that should be supplied with every printer on the planet from the O.E.M. I get it they're expensive, but it is virtually hassle free build plate adhesion. 3D printing is enough work already, you don't want to be dinking around with build plate adhesion. The plate is dual sided so you can flip it ever if for some reason you damage one side.”

— Sky


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